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VK Infotek   
VK Infotek is a software firm specializing in providing programming domain knowledge to its customers. Among its products are books and customized source code.

VSN International Ltd.   
UK based company providing statistical analysis software and statistics packages, data analysis tools, products and services.

Vendidi is a framework able to create both standard applications for Windows and applications for the Web.

ViLabs Technologies now offers some of the lowest rates on the internet for hospitals in electronic medical record (MRD, ADT, ERS, EMR) and cardiac practice management software, and computerized patient record systems.

Visiprise, Inc.   
Provides MES (manufacturing execution systems) solutions to enhance lean manufacturing. Includes quality assurance software that supports Six Sigma methodologies.

Voice Print International   
Voice Print develops telephone call recording, screen capture and call center quality monitoring solutions for liability, compliance, training and call center quality assurance purposes.

WCG Gaming Software   
WCG Gaming Software provides complete turnkey multiplayer poker room and casino software solutions to companies and individuals looking to invest in the online gaming industry.

Extend host applications through integration and terminal emulation using WRQ's terminal emulation software, thin client frameworks and web-to-host integration.

Weather 4 You   
Download free software to deliver your local weather forecasts on your desktop. The data updates every 5 minutes.

Web Stats Gold   
Web Stats Gold provides web site statistics for serious e-commerce sites. These include sales and ad tracking in addition to visitor statistics.

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