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Tea Tree Oil Uses   
Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and disinfectant with many human uses. Complete uses chart with every order.

Tetrasil ointment treatment provides rapid relief, destoying bacteria, virus or fungus causing skin infections, including herpes, cold sores, rashes, warts, eczema, blisters, psoriasis and more.

The Academy of Beauty Art   
Exclusive academy of beauty in Poland, which organizes professional beauty and wellness courses.

The Arthritis Shop   
The Arthritis Shop is a small internet business offering health products for the alleviation of arthritis.

The Herb Mart   
The Herb Mart is an independent affiliate offering Nature's Sunshine high quality herbal, vitamin, mineral, and nutritional supplements.

The Natural Choice Store   
The Natural Choice Store sells essential oil kits and individual organic and "eco" essential oils.

The Neighbourhood Clinic   
Toronto registered massage therapy clinic specializing in low intensity laser therapy (LILT) treatments for healing, relaxation and rehabilitation. Also specializing in naturopathy, trigenics and NISA.

The Reiki Training Centre   
Reiki courses with Elizabeth Harley. Reiki is an ancient healing therapy which is believed to have originated in Tibet, later surfacing in Japan and introduced to the Western World in the mid 1970s.

Things Herbal   
Things Herbal provides news about herbs that are beneficial for your body, mind and soul.

Wishing Well Holistic Therapies   
If you are stressed, have mental or physical pain that won't go away then dive right into Wishing Well. We have loads of therapies and treatments to help you.

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