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Steven Hogg Partnership   
Behavioural scientists with over 50 years international experience. SHP stress mental health risk assessment and rehabilitation protocols are fully compliant with HSE Stress Management Standards and Best Practice guidelines.

Support for Healing   
Support for Healing is a health messageboard specializing in depression and women's issues.

The Family and Marriage Counseling Directory   
A nationwide, multidisciplinary directory of family and marriage counselors.

The Linden Method   
The permanent, drug-free cure for panic attacks, anxiety disorders and phobias.

The MythoSelf® Process   
Facilitates personal enlightenment & personal development. Developed by Joseph Riggio. Distinguishes filtering the world through limitation or possibility & teaches how to access possiblity at will.

Veritas Counseling Center, LLC   
Psychotherapy practice offering individual, couples, family, and group therapy through seminars, workshops and retreats. We serve adults and adolescents, treating both mental health and substance abuse issues.

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