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GL Chemtec International   
GL Chemtec International is dedicated to contributing new and existing fine chemicals to the scientific community. We are skilled chemists with expertise in organic, organometallic, polymer, analytical and petroleum chemistry.

Greatvista Chemicals   
Chemical manufacturer and supplier of biochemicals, agrochemicals, amino acids, pharmaceutical intermediates, herb extracts, dyes and pigments, and industrial chemicals.

Gujarat Chemicals   
Manufacturer and exporter of ethylene oxide derivatives as surfactants, emulsifiers, demulsifiers, and glycerin ethoxylates.

H.B.Gum Ind. Pvt. Ltd.   
Manufacture and exporter of guar gum and pioneer manufacturer of high viscosity guar gum powder.

Hunt Agencies   
Marketing of raw materials and machinery to specific industry sectors, in particular the plastics and chemicals industries.

Kisan Brothers Pvt. Ltd.   
Export quality organic manure, urea coating agents, bio repellants, bio fertilizers, granules, plant food, seed coating, etc.

Lohiya Group of Industries   
We are established manufacturers & exporters of Detergents, adhesives, ultramarine blue, wax polishes, coloured polishes, rust remover, acid slurry, and more.

Mahavir Expochem Ltd.   
Manufacturer and exporter of electroplating chemicals, metal finishing chemicals, surface treatment chemicals, specialty chemicals and basic metallic salts, electroplating plants and equipment.

Melrose Chemicals Ltd.   
Melrose Chemicals Ltd. has manufactured specialty chemicals since 1978. We produce disinfectants and other specialty chemicals.

Organotech Fertilizer   
Organotech Fertilizer manufactures & supplies mineral organic fertilizer, soil conditioners & trace elements for agriculture, horticulture, viticulture & home garden, as well as offers milling & granulating services to industry.

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