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Golcha Group   
Welcome to Golcha Group of industries, the number one talc producing company in India.

India Brass   
Manufacturer & exporters of brass builders hardware, iron hardware, curtain fittings, cabinet fittings, brass artware & aluminium hardware fittings.

Licensed manufacturer of modern furniture with ISO 9001:2000 certified from Indonesia with modern office and hospitality innovative furniture solution.

J.I. Morris Company   
Manufacturing miniature screws, miniature nuts, metric screws and nuts, miniature self-tapping screws, miniature socket screws, precision ground taps, threaded gages, and more.

KML Bearings Inc.   
KML bearings is one of the first leading companies to export China made bearings to markets all over the world.

Kailong Group   
We provide very large quantities of refractory ceramic fiber products for furnace lining, thermal insulation, heat protection, fireproofing and high temperature sealing.

Kothari Corrosion Controllers   
Manufacturer & exporter of high alumina refractory bricks, acid proof tiles, acid proof bricks and acid proof cements, and resin base mortars since 1969.

LAREX Ltd.   
LAREX Ltd is a timber processing company, located in Belarus, Minsk. Produces wide range of timber products.

LaPace is an Egyptian company that exports mined and manufactured materials. LaPace also imports commercial equipment for storage and display of food for restaurants and food store.

Lafor is a wholesaler of solid hardwood tops for butcher blocks, countertops, table tops, kitchen islands, chopping boards, stair treads and flooring planks.

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