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AardvarkBusiness.net Business Forum   
Discuss all aspects of business from starting up your own company to sales, marketing, IT support and more, with our friendly online message board.

Edge Translation   
Quality translation into and out of over 80 different languages covering everthing from IT to legal.

Entramex, S.C.   
Based in Mexico City, Entramex, S.C. performs translations in Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian.

eVerbum offers specialized professional translation, interpreting, proofreading and subtitling services. Our modern and rigorously observed translation process guarantees excellent quality in our work.

Global Village English Centre   
Learn English at Global Village in Malta. The school offers English language courses to students wishing to learn English abroad.

Greek Translations   
High quality translation services from English, Italian, Spanish into Greek.

Hezee is a superior high quality French and English translation service for all documents. Hezee provides a translation service that is accurate and so natural that it flows and communicates clearly to readers of both languages.

Hotec Consulting   
We translate into all major languages, provide DTP service, create manuals, technical documentations, approvals, and we are experts in the automotive fields now for more than 25 years.

Ideas Translated   
Quality business translations by native Brazilian linguists.

Inez Meyer   
English-German translator with a specialization in TV & movie scripts, subtitles and dubs.

Interpretext, Inc.   
Translation, interpretation, revision, and corporate language solutions for languages from all over the world. Official, certified translations are available.

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